Personal Injury & Civil Litigation Attorneys

It is common that civil cases, such as personal injury, defamation, and fraud may lead to bankruptcy.  If your firm and/or your client are named in a bankruptcy petition during the pendency of your case or after a judgment, you may call me to discuss your options.

I have represented multiple law firms in the past regarding their legal fees being the subject of a debtor’s bankruptcy petition. 

I have also represented individuals in bankruptcy matters regarding:

  1. Fraud;
  2. Breach of fiduciary duty;
  3. Conversion;
  4. Concealment of assets (as it was not disclosed in their bankruptcy petition); and
  5. Fraudulent conveyance. 

If a bankruptcy petition is filed, there are certain deadlines that are set by the Bankruptcy Code.  Contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss the options before it’s too late.